Leila Min Lebnen

Leila at Al Aali Mall

Leila restaurant, originally from Lebanon, is famous for fusing the traditional authentic tastes of Lebanese cuisine together with a unique modern touch. Leila creates a homely ambiance, with dishes that transport you to back to historical Lebanon.

Leila Is a Unique Soulful Restaurant

The name reflects that aspect, being peaceful, warm, and feminine. The name originates from a girl called Leila who watched her grandma cook, and eventually learned and mastered all the traditional Lebanese recipes. Leila went on to open her own restaurant, which became a success, and her name lives on. Leila encompasses a relaxing, friendly environment with family photos on the walls, and jam and pickle jars scattered around, making you feel at home. Guests regularly sit for hours at Leila, talking amongst one another and enjoying the freshly prepared food.