Kaia Flowers & Linens

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kåᴉa is a concept store in Bahrain comprising of a florist and home décor, as well as a mini-boutique retailing luxury linen robes, maternity and children-wear, first opening its doors in late 2018. The underlying element behind our brand is purity, the meaning of ‘kåᴉa’ in Greek. Merging both of Mother Nature’s products, silk, and cotton with blooms of the earth, to create a true version of pureness.

We offer numerous services, helping us curate celebrations for corporate events, weddings, and engagements, as well as welcoming new bundles of joy. We approach every client’s individual needs with the care and attention to detail.

Using a combination of love for flowers and a passion for design, we aim to create bold, dramatic, timeless statements that are always an integral part of the setting. Sourcing the rarest and highest quality of flowers to provide each client with their own customized floral experience.