Clin D’Oeil

Clin D'Oeil Logo Al Aali Mall

“Clin D’Oeil” is a French expression meaning “Twinkles” and has been chosen to attract the curiosity of the individual.

Clin D’Oeil offers a variety of unique house-holds gift articles that adds a personal touch and feeling to the home environment.

Majority of items are of high-quality hand made products (copper and silver caliber 925) in addition to readymade articles that have been imported exclusively from different countries such as Italy, Turkey, Lebanon, and France (to name a few) to complement the missing part of the individual by adding a bright and glamour touch to every home.

Clin D’Oeil also offers a unique design of silver and gold jewelries of gemstones and semi-precious stones for men and women. It also offers uniquely designed promotional gift items for Companies and Institutions.